J.D.L. Rosell
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 332

His fragile world is threatened by the impending return of the gods. But Erik first has to keep himself from falling apart.Tucked away on an island against the far edge of the world, Erik had resigned himself to a mediocre life as his father’s alchemical apprentice. But that changes when his closest friend murders him without provocation. Reanimated under the hands of a necromancer with ill intents and plagued by unanswerable questions, Erik escapes with his mind intact but his body deteriorating, and has little time to reverse his decay.One person, the Rook, might be able to lead him towards the kind of true resurrection spoken of in legends, but the necromancers who know where he or she is have their own designs. And as Erik searches, he is stalked by an enemy in the shadows, with every step endangering himself and those around him. But Erik knows he can’t stop, for he’s ...
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