Zach Jenkins
Publisher: Services LLC
Pages: 224

He's a cop who looks like a cowboy and I just have to see his gun. I've refused second dates for years because I'm too much of a mess to hope for any relationship to work out. After one wild, impulsive, and let's face it, pleasantly filling night with James, I'm ready to throw all of that out the window. Men are for drinking buddies and dirty jokes… and now, so much more. Evan is the first man I've ever slept with. If I get my way, he'll be the one I'm with forever. I'm not sure how I'll tell the other guys at the police station, but I've got bigger problems to worry about. Someone is attacking people on The Strip in August, GA, and they are working way too close to the club where Evan is a DJ. I've got to catch whoever is responsible so that I can protect Evan, the man who taught me everything about love. Unsettled is a steamy, standalone, first time with a man, romantic thriller novel ...
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