Louise Davidson
Publisher: The Cookbook Publisher; 1st edition (May 10, 2017)
Pages: 230

Be ready to bring it on your next camping trip with 100 easy-to-make camping recipes that will wow your family and friends!Download FREE with Kindle Unlimited!Any time is as good a time to go on a camping trip. Whether it is during summer vacation or just a quick weekend getaway, a great night under the stars is so worth it. All you will need are camping gear and good company. But if there’s one thing a camping trip would not be complete without, it is delicious camping food.This cookbook is here to help you with just that. In it, you will find an array of 100 incredible recipes—from breakfast meals to quick snacks to desserts using different outdoor cooking techniques including foil packet, campfire cooking, grilling, and Dutch oven.Inside, you’ll find:A list of essentials things you need to bring on a camping trip.Safety measures around the campfire and while cooking in the ...
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