R.R. Roberts
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 508

Two Strangers, destined to meet: A lost time traveller and a shy telepath. Can they save what's left of this world?When reclusive telepath Wren Wood finally emerged from her forest hideaway, ready to face the avalanche of noisy minds in the city, she is shocked to find only silence. She is alone in a completely altered and dangerous world. She must somehow scavenge enough supplies to survive on her own and slip back to safety unnoticed.With millions of future lives depending on their success, Coru and Payton Wisla follow outlaw time-jumper Moses Zhang through an illegal Time Bore to three hundred years in the past. Coru arrives alone, missing his target date by ten years, landing during a horrific event not in the histories. The past isn't what it used to be...What did Zhang do!?Is there any chance Coru can still find Wren Wood — if she’s still alive — and gain her trust and help ...
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5 stars from 10 ratings
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