Rory B Mackay
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 430

On his seventeenth birthday, David is given a crystal amulet, but it’s a gift that comes with a price. Targeted by a brutal military force, his home is attacked and destroyed and he finds himself on the run and embroiled in a dangerous quest. A dark force that first penetrated his realm in ancient times has returned. In possession of a remarkable latent power, David discovers that he alone can safeguard his world from a full-scale invasion. However, the enemy isn’t just pursuing him—it’s now within him.Battling both hostile terrain and his own demons, an impossible choice lies ahead, the echoes of which will ripple throughout time, leading David to the very limits of the human experience, and beyond...From the explosive opening to a truly cosmic finale, this visionary fantasy/sci-fi epic is a tale of loss, courage, betrayal, and redemption, unravelling the very meaning of ...
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