Jane Futa
ASIN: B071RS1N56
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 31

Edward's got it made. He's a young male who's recently made it big in his investment business and can't seem to keep the women off him. So the last thing he needs is his sister's best friend Chelsea, a girl he's never even met, staying at his house for the next week. When she shows up at Edward's doorstep and ruins a hot date for the alpha, things get off to a rocky start. From then on, Edward can't help but wonder what Chelsea is hiding. She's a stunning vixen, but there is something off about her; something he just can't put his finger on.When Edward catches Chelsea stealing from him, he decides that it's time to confront the sneaky vixen. But when he catches her in a seriously suggestive situation he finds out her little secret and has to decide whether he's going to let that stop him from dishing out some new house rules...
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