Aden Cabro
Publisher: Crenel Books
Pages: 84

Derek knew that his family needed to be ready for emergencies. He was confident that they were prepared for all kinds of disasters, big or small, short term or long term. The Jakkyls weren't part of his planning. Derek wasn't ready for them, and his family paid the ultimate price. Now the only thing Derek wants to be ready for is revenge.In a time when lethal violence is treated as an easy answer to disputes, lust for revenge is anything but rare. Derek isn't the only one on the island wanting revenge against the Jakkyls. Unlike him, others are not willing to throw away their lives seeking it by themselves. Derek discovers the Harriers, a new gang that formed for the sole purpose of making the Jakkyls pay. The Harriers seem just as brutal, but more focused about who they attack… for now.When Derek throws everything he can into a solitary attack against the Jakkyls but is stopped by the ...
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