Mishell Wolff
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 205

Mishell’s life was defined by the words her parents used to describe her; good-for-nothing, idiot, lazy, stupid and worthless, along with many others. She learned that people who love you also hurt you. Her young life was filled with anxiety about keeping her parents happy to keep from hearing the words that tore into her soul and broke her down. As a young teenager all she wanted was to escape the family she was born into and the pain she endured at home. Mishell believed a boy would be able to save her from her abusive, dysfunctional family. Just before her fifteenth birthday, Mishell met the boy she pinned those hopes and dreams to; Jay. He was older, went to the same church, had a driver’s license and he liked her. He seemed perfect.Mishell had learned from her family that love and pain go together which caused her to make bad choices regarding love. This relationship caused her ...
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