Mathew Anderson
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 48

"This is a great read... Mathew was able to distill an enormous amount of information to tell "our cosmic story" and give an overview that is engaging and easy to read. Buying this book is a no-brainer. - Amazon Reviewer of Our Cosmic Story‘Is Anybody Out There?’ is an expanded excerpt of Chapter 9 from the complete book, Our Cosmic Story. This excerpt is the climax of what is brought forward in the book on the chance of life and civilizations to exist elsewhere in the Universe. If you are not able to read the entirety of Our Cosmic Story, this excerpt will give you the end-result of what we talk about… is anybody out there?Chapter Overview:IntroductionIs Anybody Out There?The Drake EquationDetecting Another CivilizationThe Fermi ParadoxThe Great FilterNew Equations Are NeededSummary: A Lonely Pale Blue DotMore about Our Cosmic Story:Our Cosmic Story is a big picture view of our ...
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