Kimberly Forrest
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 232

Daisy Munroe had always been a failure as a shifter. Her entire life she’d been told she was weak, that she didn’t have good instincts; useful only as a breeder as long as she was paired with a strong partner so that her unfortunate genetics wouldn’t be passed on to future offspring. While the distinction hurt, she had had little choice. That was the way things were in her pride and she’d never known anything different.Now living in the wolf territory of Malsum Pass, Vermont Daisy was in for quite a surprise. Women here had a voice and weren’t afraid to use it. They had jobs, they followed their dreams, and they were even treated as equals… This mountain territory felt like freedom, but it was all an illusion. After all, Daisy and her sister were fugitives wanted for murder.Aleksandr Stepanov had been hired to find the two runaway females and return them to their ...
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