Brian Barr
Publisher: Services LLC
Pages: 170

Welcome to the final book of the 3 H's Trilogy: The Hell!Susie and Mac are ghost hunters. They investigate and exorcise haunted houses for a living.A client hires Susie and Mac to investigate a house in Lexington, SC. Although they are experienced in handling malignant spirits and haunted territories, the client promises that this place is unlike any the ghost hunters have exorcised before.Susie and Mac never back down from a challenge, or from a job. They'll make their way to the house, and encounter the hell that's waiting for them.Whether they can survive or not is a different question.*Gregory Alex Bailey built his perfect house of horrors in the 1950’s, continuing the family tradition of sacrifice and murder. Within that house, he was certain that he could succeed where former ancestors had failed, and secure a place for them in the land of the living.Lucas didn’t want to ...
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