Kym Dillon
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 168

Heart pounding, knees weak, stomach fluttering… being hunted through the jungle isn’t the only thing affecting her. The sexy panther shifter calls to her in a primal way that cannot be denied.Dr. Jessica Delaney is on a mission to save lives deep in the wilds of sub-Saharan Tanzania. When her small transport plane crashes, she finds that the untamed jungles of Africa are more savage than anything she could have imagined.Luckily, she’s not alone.Marcus Van Den Berg, the attractive pilot with her, knows all kinds of survival secrets. Marcus is capable not only of protecting her, but of keeping her warm and satisfied throughout the night.The secret he guards, however, is something beyond belief. Something that will leave Jessica’s life forever changed. Warning: Clawed contains adult language and situations. It is intended for adult readers only. It has an HEA with no cheating.
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