Robert Campbell
Publisher: Ayeshire Publishing
Pages: 300

"Robert Campbell is terrific" raves the Boston Globe. Jimmy's feathers aren't easily ruffled, but when bullets start flying, the committeeman flies into action. Soon he's searching for a killer in the middle of a rough-and-tumble Windy City campaign. And entering a political dark alley that leads to a secret that could shatter Jimmy's world. Now the Edgar-winning author sends amateur sleuth Jimmy Flannery on his eleventh-and most baffling-case to date. This time the feisty committeeman of Chicago's notorious Twenty-seventh Ward lands smack in the middle of a political hotpot that nearly cooks his goose....Nothing stops Leo Lundatos from getting what he wants---not even a call girl murder scandal and a stretch in the clink for fraud and abuse. Planning to rebuild his power base with a run for alderman, the once powerful congressman asks Jimmy Flannery to run for ward leader of the famous ...
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