Zoe Perdita
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 337

Humans nearly died out over a hundred years ago, but the age of wolves is just beginning. . . .Alphas rule what’s left of the world, and humans are little more than slaves. If a human is lucky enough to get bitten by an alpha, a whole new world opens up to them. A world of danger and luxury – sex and submission to their alpha.Trent is a powerful alpha wolf intent upon building the best pack. He has an omega, Akito, and a plan to get revenge on the wolf who wronged him, but Trent needs a strong beta to help him get what he wants. He found the perfect one – Akito’s old crush—Cole. The only problem is Cole hates wolves, especially alphas.Cole is a party boy with nothing left to live for. At least, that's what he thought when he met Trent. The alpha pushes Cole to his limits both physically and sexually. Cole swears he’s not gay, but Trent and Akito wake desires Cole never knew ...
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4 stars from 8 ratings
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