Caryn Thomas Mitchell
ASIN: B071Z91K4K
Publisher: Services LLC
Pages: 118

Ivy Bloom wants to believe you can go home again and so she does, leaving her work as a writer in NYC and returning to Hydrangea Bay on Cape Cod to start the next chapter of her book-loving life. She and her sister Gigi work to turn the rambling old mansion they have inherited into a bookstore. Baby books in the nursery, entertaining books in the dining room and romance reads in the ladies boudoir. It looked like it would work out great right up until the moment that the leader of a local religious cult turned up dead in the driveway. Soon his wife is dead as well. Through no fault of her own, Ivy feels she has to meddle…uh help, investigate. It’s not at all because the lead investigator is her high school crush. It’s because her livelihood is at stake. After all, who wants to shop at a bookstore where people keep dying?
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