Torrie Robles
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 332

Mothers are supposed to love you. Support you. Protect you.Not mine, mine did none of those things. – Not one.My mother taught me that her addiction was stronger than her love for me. Her high was all that mattered. That’s all she needed, all she wanted. Grown men and women took payment from me, so she could get her fix. They took everything from me, just a child, her only son.Motherly love? Fuck that.I’ve spent my life taking from bitches all too willing to give it up - whores, sluts, The Fallen - you name it, I've had a piece of it, of them. It's how I earned the name Lick. I've licked every part of a bitch's body. Until her -Jenni.From the moment she sashayed her hips up the dirt path of our clubhouse I knew I was fucked. Curves for days, sweet tits that begged to be sucked. A heart of gold. I know it’s a fucking cliché, but she was different.She challenged me – Pushed ...
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