Evangeline Fox
ASIN: B0721NK2B4
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Pages: 65

His lips tasted the sensitive skin of her throat, sending a shiver of pleasure through her...Audrey Lantz made her fortune on three things: hard work, brains, and letting people underestimate her.Now, as she looks back on her life, she realizes that there's only one thing missing: a legacy to pass on.Of course, not just any father will do, and there's nobody in her life, so she finds the best specimen she can:Gary Carter is a star pitcher, and it's not hard to see why. He's powerful, tall, and as Audrey's about to learn, he knows how to take control of situations.Will Audrey be able to go through with her plan? Will Gary be content calling it quits when he's given her what she wants? Or is Audrey about to get more than she bargained for?
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