Amy Cissell
Publisher: Broken World Publishing
Pages: 378

Check out the second installment of the series Readers' Favorite calls a "can't-miss fantasy adventure with humor, snark, and fun banter." The Waning Moon is a fast-paced urban fantasy chock full of fae, witches, shifters, and vampires.Eleanor Morgan is on a quest that will destroy technology but save two worlds.With two gates down and six to go, Eleanor and her companions are in a race against time and innumerable supernatural enemies to restore magical balance and free passage between Earth and the Fae plane.With the constant threat of supernatural enemies and still reeling from Finn’s betrayal, it’s been even harder than usual for Eleanor to trust anyone, even when they seem like they have the best intentions. She must learn to depend on and work with her new supernatural companions while navigating a tempestuous relationship with Isaac, developing a friendship with the vampire Raj ...
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