Darcy Stephens
ASIN: B0722G5157
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 158

Her life had been shattered by lies…Kendall’s life was going pretty well! Homeowner, business entrepreneur, loving family—she had it all. Until she realized she also had a cheating boyfriend. Needing an escape, she heads to the mountains to do some soul-searching. While she knew she’d find fresh air and much needed peace and quiet, she never expected to find a sexier-than-sin man renting her brother’s cabin. A rebound romance is not what she wants or needs, but sometimes the libido overrules the brain…Should she listen to her gut or to her heart?His life was ruled by secrets…Aiden has spent his entire life keeping family secrets. Nothing he’s ashamed of, but not something he shares with just anyone. As a busy doctor, there’s nothing he loves more than time in the mountains, where he can be alone…or so he thought. And once he meets Kendall, he realizes maybe alone ...
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