Jeff Breland
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 164

One way to get rid of an old lawman after he's forced out of office in a crooked election is to hang him.Deputy US Marshal and Bounty Hunter Jake Stone is going to clash head-on with a bunch of outlaws and gunslingers. This time, his old friend, Sheriff Harry Mills has lost a crooked election. In old west style, a bunch of owlhoots and desperadoes have stuffed the ballot boxes. Not only did they take away his badge, but the outlaw who stole his office is about to take away something even more valuable: the lawman’s life! They are about to put Harry’s neck in a hangman’s noose without the benefit of a judge, jury or even a visitor. It will be nothing short of a lynching. Stone’s first encounter with this bunch results in a shootout with one of the outlaw deputies. He’s also going to take care of the rest of them even if he has to do it one at the time.This story from Jeff ...
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