Deforest Day
ASIN: B07239Y5MT
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 42

Two new cops in town: one is just a little smarter than the other When a small-town cop (Number Two on a three man force, and one is a woman) is assigned a new K-9 Cruiser he didn't realize it came equipped with its very own dog.No ordinary dog. Bugle Boy, expert drug and bomb sniffer, worked for the TSA, screening airport passengers. Until an unfortunate incident with a congresswoman led to his dismissal.Now he and Corporal Duane Munch operate the town's Revenue Enhancement Location (a speed trap), and find themselves in hilarious misadventures that can only befall a big city dog working with a small town cop.The Nose Knows is a cozy mystery, and a satire of small town America filled with dog humor and human romance.Deforest Day graduated from Yale University longer ago than he wishes to contemplate. After a lengthy career as vagabond journeyman and agent provocateur he retired to the ...
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