Emma Night
Publisher: Amazon.com Services LLC
Pages: 1118

The Billionaire Bear Complete 3 Book SeriesA Shapeshifter Romance TrilogyBook 1 - The Billionaire Bear Takes His MateHarmony Wells thought she had her life figured out. On the fast track to a successful nursing career the last thing she needed or wanted in her life was a man. That all changes when she finds a wounded black bear in the middle of the woods while out jogging. She’s determined to help even after she finds out that nothing is as it seems. Book 2 - Wolf TrapIan Wolfsblood, leader of one of the most influential clans of the Wolves has always been hell bent on a war against humans and their allies. The Bears have long stood in his way until now…A tenuous peace is offered but nothing has ever been more dangerous. Book 3 - DeceptionOld Ian Wolfsblood is gone, the Norther Wolf Clan Leaderless in the wake of his death, a tenuous peace reached between the Wolves and the Bears. ...
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