C. J. LaPolla
ASIN: B072612WBX
Publisher: Amazon.com Services LLC
Pages: 282

Visceral sword fights, horrifying monsters, and mysterious warriors will thrill and terrify you in the horror fantasy Within the Ice!In a world sealed off from the outside by a wall of ice known as the Great Glacier, the people struggle to thrive in a cold, unrelenting landscape. Devyn thought that venturing to the north would help him escape the wars of his youth and let him live in peace. His dreams are shattered as he is about to be conscripted into a war that is ever-present but often unseen by mortal men.The unyielding cold and brutal warlords will soon be overshadowed by the terrors that have been unleashed from the Great Glacier. An ancient horror steps foot upon the land while the eyes of mysterious warriors look on working to manipulate its power for their own purposes."C. J. LaPolla brings a whole new concept to evil!""I could see the ice in the glacier in my minds eye." Enter ...
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