Craig Halloran
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 1592

This is complete series features 10 books and over 400,000 words of high action fantasy, filled with deadly dragon's, relentless evil doers, daring heroes, uncanny magic, wild characters and more! A page turner for readers of all ages!Apocalypse Is ComingA restless liege, Nath Dragon is bored with his reign and hungry for adventure. So when the fairy empress, Lotuus, entices him to undertake a great mission, a quest to uncover the secrets of his birth by locating the mother he’s never known, Nath leaps at the opportunity. But the evil sprite’s motives are far from noble. And while the Dragon King’s attention is elsewhere, a new threat is rising that could tear the world of Nalzambor to pieces.˃˃˃ Darkness RisesA monstrous new breed of dragon has emerged from the darkness, their numbers growing so rapidly they will soon be unstoppable. More insect than dragon, these ...
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