Jodi Arndt
ASIN: B072BG49Q5
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 104

In your daily experiences as a parent, do you become discouraged?Do you encounter feelings of frustration, heartache, anger, fear, and hopelessness? Do you find yourself feeling that your day to day moments don't matter to God?See Him in the everyday In this book, Jodi Arndt will show you how God uses her role as a mom to teach her about His character. She shares how He has opened her eyes to see Him in everyday moments. You will be able to open this book and find hope, encouragement, and perspective in just a few minutes. As a parent, your faith is tested every day. You probably struggle with anger, impatience, control, exhaustion and fear, but God is great at using the hopeless to show others hope.Find EncouragementSince becoming a parent, Jodi's heart has been opened to see who He truly is. In just a few moments, you will feel inspired by her experiences, and you will want to ...
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