Lucy Johanson
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 130

New country, new life, new love.“I was an idiot. A fool to trust Tom Delaney. He’s a manipulator, a grade-A narcissist, a bully who would say anything to keep me in line. Well enough’s enough. I’m gone. No more private hospital luxury for this nurse. No more swooning at the magic hands of New York’s finest cosmetic surgeon. I’m going to help people for real. As far away from my spoiled life as possible…”In the aftermath of a devastating Pacific Ocean tsunami, New York nurse Jenny Brogan settles into life with a charity on Sri Lanka’s stunning east coast, where she successfully banishes her manipulative ex-fiancé from her thoughts. It’s hard work, heartbreaking at times, but uncomplicated in a way that makes it all worthwhile. Uncomplicated, that is, a new man, quite literally, steps out of the blue … out of the ocean, to be precise, with a surfboard under his arm ...
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