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This book is regularly $3.99, but for today only, you can download it for only $1.99! Download your copy today!Use These Powerful Diet Tools To Help Your Body Shed Fats And Excess Weight!If you ever find yourself channel surfing one night, you are bound to encounter a television ad or two about the latest fat-burning machine that can give you that glorious six-pack abs you’ve always dreamed of. Some devices even claim to generate enough heat that they can literally melt the fat away within weeks! Still, other machines that target flabby bellies appear to stimulate your muscles enough so that it is almost as if you were doing over 500 sit-ups while you laze around the house.Honestly though, if these ads give you promises that seem too good to be true, then they probably are. No matter how many smiling models flaunt their abs on the screen, there is no way that they achieved that toned ...
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