Aliyah Burke
ASIN: B072J2C29X
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 109

Sometimes doing the right thing, is not doing what you’d first intended.All it took was heavy rain, a motorcycle, and a poor decision and Royal Hamilton who made his living acquiring and developing property, found himself under a tree, having been robbed and with no memory of who he was. Jules Tarrington isn’t sure what to make of the strange man she finds on the back end of her horse farm, he doesn’t look like a man who’s used to hard physical labor. However, she can’t just leave him there so she takes him back to the house and sends for the doctor.As he recovers his strength he works beside Jules at her farm. During which bits and pieces return to him about who he is. When it all clicks into place, he finds himself in a unique dilemma, does he continue to pursue the property for the money or should he follow his heart’s advice and leave it alone for it belongs to the woman ...
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