Mercy Levy
ASIN: B072J3D9Y3
Publisher: unknown
Pages: 2177

Craig Ferguson is a sheriff in the Cowtown of Abilene. His charge, to head off the civil unrest between railroad and cattle drivers. He sends for Candace as a mail order bride, offering to care for her brothers, once he hears of her struggles in Boston. Orphan Candice Shepherd and her younger brothers, Sil and Darren, are struggling to make ends meet in the city of Boston. When Candace is assaulted by her employer, she has to find a safer place to raise her siblings and start a new life. Through the letters he sends, Candace comes to know and respect the small town sheriff. It is when she sees his honorable nature in action, that she realizes she truly desires the man behind the words she’s fallen in love with.The sheriff looks to mend the rift between the cattle drivers and the railway men. When one of those men tries to stand between Craig and Candice, the sheriff realizes that ...
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