Jeffery H. Haskell
Publisher: Molten Press
Pages: 269

She has no superpowers, but she’s about to become the world’s most famous superhero…Amelia Lockheart lost her parents and the use of her legs when she was six. She spent the next fifteen years preparing to become a superhero so she could find the people who took them. Using her genius engineering skills, she creates a suit of armor that does more than let her walk...It lets her fly!When she stops a murderous supervillain, she’s asked to join her cities super team. Amelia’s armor makes her incredibly powerful, but it’s also the envy of her foes and they will stop at nothing to steal it. With all signs pointing to her own team’s involvement, Amelia doesn’t know who she can trust. The one thing she does know; she will need every weapon in her Arsenal to keep her technology out of the hands of those who would use it to murder millions…Arsenal is the first novel in the ...
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