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Wildly swinging axes and swords upon majestic boats, Vikings have been a long-appreciated symbol of rage and power. They have been romanticized as overbearingly-manly warriors that plunder, loot and pillage villages all for the sake of dominance.They’ve always been in modern media, but where did they come from? How did they start? What brought them to the apex of influence that still makes them relevant up to this day?Their colorful history starts in the form of a migration. These warriors started out as nomads looking for new places to inhabit to prolong their lineage. Mainly travelling by sea, they’ve been defined as pirates that went from shore to shore, trading and occupying the villages that lived on the patches of land they would visit. Said to have hailed from the countries of Sweden, Norway and Denmark, these seafaring people made their mark in the world from 700AD to ...
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