Marguerite Steen
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 256

When Simon Crome and his half-brother, Daniel Lygon, set up a publishing firm, they work as hard as possible to ensure its success…Of course, it helps that Simon’s wealthy father-in-law, Sir Harry Matlock is keen to support their venture.Except that Sir Harry’s generosity towards Simon and his wife Christian embarrasses and frustrates Simon, who is anxious to bring up his family and keep his wife in the way he can afford.Even more frustrating is the fact that Harry dictates the tone of books Simon publishes. Eager to propel the business further, Simon agrees to take on a highly controversial book, much to Sir Harry’s disapproval. But Simon is willing to fight for the book and it’s not long before his state of affairs turn ugly…To add further scandal, Daniel and his wife, Eliza, are seeking a divorce. With Eliza’s infidelity, and Daniel eager for pleasures beyond the ...
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