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Pages: 193

A beautiful go-getter was the best way to describe Terielle “Teri” Carr. As a young lady in her early twenties, she was making boss moves that women twice her age weren’t making as the owner of a rapidly growing collection agency. From the outside looking in, one would think this good girl had it all—a flourishing business, a bangin’ body, and she was married to one of the sexiest men you’d ever laid eyes on. Although she was a good girl who deserved it all, everything that glittered in her life wasn’t gold. Just as her business was starting to take off, her marriage was crumbling right before her eyes. With the help of her best friend, Izzy, she was trying to hold her head above water. Teri held on in desperation to her lifeless marriage until Elijah Powers walked into her life.Smooth, yet powerful, Elijah “Eli” Powers was the ultimate boss whose mere presence ...
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