Zoe Chant
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 540

Three unique shifter heroes who will set your heart aflame!Whether it's a rogue dragon or just a scared little lion cub shifter stuck up a tree, the firefighters of Alpha Team can handle any emergency. But there's one inferno even these powerful shifters can't fight... the fiery passion sparked by their true mates!In this red-hot box set, you’ll find strong curvy heroines, sexy British shifters, interracial fated mates, and absolutely no cliffhangers! The set contains the first three novels in the hilarious, heartwarming Fire & Rescue Shifters series:FIREFIGHTER DRAGON - Welsh dragon shifter Dai rescues a curvy archaeologist with a priceless find and a ruthless enemy who’ll do anything to get his claws on it. Can Dai protect his mate, and convince her the only treasure he wants is her heart?FIREFIGHTER PEGASUS - No one know that Pegasus shifter Chase’s ready grin and reckless ways ...
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5 stars from 70 ratings
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