R.E. Skibiski
Publisher: Tordwifel Books
Pages: 134

Can you name all fifty states off the top of your head? Can you name them in alphabetical order? Not many people can. But if you’ve been looking for a fast and fun way to learn the states on a map, there’s good news!Take a look! Have you always wanted to memorize all the states in the USA? Have you ever tried to? If so, did you end up in a state of despair? Probably! For it’s an understatement to say that memorizing all the states from Alabama to Wyoming is a tall order. But you can do it! And that’s no overstatement! You just need a little help. And believe it or not, in YOU CAN MEMORIZE ALL THE STATES IN THE USA, you’ll find the help that you need in the form of a fun poem. That’s right! And it rhymes to boot! Along with the poem, there are fun quizzes as well. So if you’re ready to learn the lay of the land by heart, the way is all mapped out for you! But how about some excerpts? ...
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