Alison Golden
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 238

When Reverend Annabelle Dixon is given the chance to fill in for the local minister on the tiny, storm-lashed Scottish island of Blodraigh, she sees it as an ideal opportunity to make the most of the trip and spend some time with her brother and seven-year-old niece who live there.What she doesn’t expect is to be drawn into a web of mystery and intrigue that shows up each and every flaw of the tight-knit islanders.When a box of valuable jewelry is found and given to her for safe-keeping she stores it in the church, only for it to be stolen that very night. But something much worse is about to happen.Despite being hampered by a violent storm and the ineptitude of the local police, Annabelle is determined to uncover the source of the mysteries that threaten those she loves dearly and her own sense of justice.But what she finds is a community filled with suspicion and gossip, where ...
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