Paul Wright
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 163

This is the third book in The Italian Trilogy Series.....Cats can, and will take over people’s lives.....When artist Paul Wright and his wife moved to a beautiful medieval village beside Italy’s Lake Como, their sleep became disturbed by the noise of a group of feral cats. Seeing the distressed condition that most of these animals were in, they began taking care of them. When Paul rescues a tiny kitten that has been mauled by a dog, it becomes the first of many more strays the couple give homes to, both from the feral population of their village and from a local cat rescuer. In this wonderful book about cats welfare and Italian culture in general, Paul recounts the lives of all their rescue cats; their habits, their likes and dislikes and the relationships built up between them, him and his wife. ‘Cats Do Eat Spaghetti’ Living with our Rescue Cats is a must for cat lovers and ...
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