Amy Faye
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 755

Jesus Christ, that feels good...Her lips press against his neck and then her teeth bite down. Philip lets out a little gasp and lowers his weight a little, turning and pressing her back into the wall. She lets go of his neck and takes a deep breath.She can see the way that his eyes drop to watch her breasts heaving as she breathes. He pulls the thin cotton fabric away from them and looks. She resists the urge to cover them up. She's already resisted it long enough as it is.Something about the way that he looks at her, hungry, needing something that neither of them are entirely prepared to explain to the other—It makes her feel like a woman, in a way she's never felt before.This book has these hot novels:Cowboy's Bride (Historical Western Romance)My Cowboy (Contemporary Western Romance)Hot Gossip (Historical Western Romance)
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