Kevin Kelly
Publisher: Mid Life Backpacker Books
Pages: 71

A midlife calamity. A last-chance retreat. He’s packed all of his emotional baggage…John Dot’s life is falling apart at the seams, much like the waistband of his trousers. As a 47-year-old bogged down by gloomy moods and irrational fears, he’s a perfect fit for the drab British seaside. But with a long-suffering girlfriend who’s way out of his league, John knows his only chance to keep her is by trying something drastic…He plans a weekend holiday to the sandy beaches of Margate, hoping his efforts to wine and dine Olivia will get them in the clear. He never expected the series of misadventures that would hurl him far outside his comfort zone…Can John keep it together or will his inner humbug bring the romantic getaway to a crashing halt?The Travel Diaries of John Dot: Margate is the hilarious first installment of the Mid Life Backpacker series, a set of comedic travel ...
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