Beatrice Sand
Publisher: Sand Publishing
Pages: 591

"In one quick motion he grips my head and slams his mouth hard against mine, claiming it with brute force. My lips part to allow him access, and we crash against the column as his tongue drives deep into my mouth. He pulls back for a short moment, drinks me in greedily, and then, with a grunted curse, ravishes me with a rawness that makes my heart stutter in my chest. I realize I’m moaning as I clutch his shoulders. Never in my life have I been kissed this violently, and it hits me like a heady, intoxicating wine.""It's addictive and compulsive." ~ Livres Recommende"Trust and hearts are broken but love is always stronger." ~ Marlene"Just as good, if not better, than the first!" ~ AnonymousHouse of TerrorsIt’s been months since Laurel left her home and family to escape her destiny – a destiny that has her giving birth to a demigod. She’s getting by with the help of Aurore, a ...
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