Jeremy Kho
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 32

Have you ever wondered how the accumulative global wealth is distributed over the world? The journey of this book begins with data on how the entire wealth is distributed across different portions of the world, where it accumulates and where it thins out and what it means for the populations residing in these factions. This unequal wealth distribution leads to a plethora of social problems such as inequality, heterogeneity in the standards of life across a particular region, and the existence of a wealth pyramid.You may think that you have little to no part to play in the grand scheme of things but since you are a part of the world's wealth distribution, you can very well make a change. Redistribution of wealth is not the answer to this issue as the true meaning of wealth transcends from just having lots of money. Real change can only be brought about through education, which is the ...
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