A.M Martin
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 147

Step into this short Slow Burn, Reverse Harem Fantasy Romance that readers are calling a dangerous and exciting world.One will be born.Four she will bind.The Aether.Basil never had a normal life. Her Mom is as paranoid as they come. Yeah, she went to school but that’s just about the only thing this teenager could call normal. Her life as she knows it, is about to take an unexpected turn. She soon learns everything she thought she knew about herself was a lie.  Lies to keep her safe from the threat on Elementum.Join Basil as she learns the truth about herself and how to navigate a world she knows nothing about.A life of Royalty.A life of powers, bonds and war.A life she has to accept.A life that she will LIVE.Welcome to Elementum.
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4 stars from 37 ratings
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