Joshua Moore
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 112

Overcome your perfectionism and achieve psychological freedomBecome happier, healthier and more productiveThe author, a former perfectionist himself, suggests a variety of strategies to achieve psychological freedom and embrace the imperfections of the world around you. “I Am Not Perfect” will help you to reduce the negative impact of perfectionism in your life and to cope with compulsive behaviour.You will STOP: feeling insecurity and fearproving yourself to othersbeing perfect for others to constantly please themfeeling constant stress and disappointmentfeeling anxious about failing and making mistakesbeing depressed, angry and often socially awkward Included in this book are sections on:Identifying Your Current Perfectionist PositionMindfulness and Being in the MomentShifting Your Focus From The Final Vision To The Journey Of ProcessThe Possibility of OptionsImplementing Choice ...
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