Ernest Dudley
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 196

A case literally up in smokes…Private Detective Nat Craig has been working with The Globe for quite some time.In return for telling him about cases, he sneaks about the crime scene and tells them the kind of information that only a policeman would know.It’s win-win for everyone.Recently, a fire occurred at a derelict factory in Shoreditch.Though Scotland Yard has been hush-hush, Craig’s sure there’s a whiff of arson about them.But just as he’s about to investigate, the Globe has a new and urgent case for him.A girl, Lucy Evans, has been found murdered at a flat on Maida Vale. Strangled in her own room.According to neighbours, they’d heard someone come over – a boyfriend perhaps. There was an argument and he left.Clearly, whoever this man was, he must have been the murderer.As expected, Inspector Marraby is being silent on the matter – even if he does tolerate Craig’s ...
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