R.J. Batla
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 495

War on the horizon. A death threat hanging over his head. And an internal darkness threatening to destroy him. Jayton Baird worked for years to finally have his powers Awakened. But those powers come with a price - Jayton becomes the most powerful Senturian Awakened in a hundred years.And the most feared.When chosen to defend Terraunum in a gladiator style tournament, Jayton doesn’t hesitate. Thrown into intense training, assassination attempts and an overzealous executioner threaten him at every turn.With an invasion imminent, Jayton and his team of elite warriors embark on a trek fraught with danger to prevent a potent weapon from falling into the hands of an enemy bent on conquest.Can Jayton and his team survive long enough to complete his mission, or will the dark power burning inside consume him and condemn the world?Incredible powers, epic battles, and powerful warriors collide ...
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4.5 stars from 34 ratings
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