Amy Faye
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 217

He thinks I'm off limits. If I don't get that man in my bed soon, I might f*cking lose it.The Heart's Scars is a full-length, stand alone romance with hot sex and NO CLIFFHANGERS!I picked John because he was good with a gun, he seemed protective and respectful, and because he took cash on delivery, for the longest journey I'll ever take.He thinks I'm married, because I told him so. He thinks he's taking me to my husband. Cause I told him so. Seemed smart at the time. I'm just a helpless woman, after all, begging on the streets.I've never regretted anything more. When does the charade fall? When does he find out who—and what—I am? And more importantly, how am I supposed to f*ck a guy who thinks I'm off-limits?For a limited time, get a FREE Western, cowboy novel included at the end of this book!
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