Ernest Dudley
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 191

The chase is on…Algy Dark from Scotland Yard is in charge of the E Bureau, dubbed as the Dark Bureau after the impact he enforced. The department was set up in response to intelligence of international gangs operating across Europe. One of the first recruits Dark took on was Tod Archer. When Archer’s focus shifts to creating a television program aimed at flushing the criminals out, Dark is pleased and ensures everything is done to get the show on air. Meanwhile, at the Mona Lisa hotel, a hive of undercover activity is underway. Notoriously shady, it’s the perfect place to be to hear and see more than the detectives would otherwise. The international criminal gang is becoming bolder, their string of activities becoming more daring. They need to be stopped … and Algy Dark won’t rest until he’s stopped them. When one of Dark’s interests, Paula Carson, decides to kill herself ...
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