Graham Ison
Publisher: Services LLC
Pages: 201

The heist is on.When a walk-in thief rips off dozens of hotel rooms at a posh West London hotel, both Jack Gilroy and his governor, Tommy Fox receive the call. It seems the criminals have a taste for fine jewellery. New Scotland Yard’s Detective Chief Superintendent Tommy Fox, operational head of the Flying Squad, takes on the case of tomfoolery. With a hundred grand's worth of jewellery stolen, Fox knows this is a professional heist. With two suspects identified, and the getaway car found, Fox and Gilroy have a lot to start off with. Or so they think...Praise for Graham Ison:‘A neat job of police work and people so interesting you’ll want to race through…’- Kirkus Reviews‘Another tangy procedural from ex-DCS Ison, fully stretching the unconventional wits of his dapper Cockney head of the Flying Squad … The villains ring as true as the coppers throughout’ - John Coleman, Sunday Times
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