Matthew Pennock
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 189

Matt is an average guy. His parents divorced when he was very young. He was taken away from his father who was a stable working military service-man. His younger brother became a meth addict, his older a gang member and subsequent felon. He had no guidance, no direction, no personal character building for the entire first twenty years of his life. He went unnoticed. He was often ignored, rejected, or bullied at school. He felt worthless.Suddenly he was out in the world on his own and turmoil was waiting for him there too. After traveling countless countries, learning several different languages on his own, attempting to live on two different continents without success, failing to raise enough support as a missionary, earning a useless degree from a hard-core liberal college, dropping out of graduate school because of lack of funds, dozens of failed relationships, manipulated and used by ...
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