Adrian Robbe
Publisher: Services LLC
Pages: 36

Book Description: “The Legend of the Five Huntsmen: A Medieval Tale of the Restless Heart” is a simple, swift-paced, smooth-flowing picture storybook that combines the craft of storytelling with engaging, impressionist illustrations. “The Legend of the Five Huntsmen” is a fictional medieval tale that will be appreciated by new adults and older adult audiences. Colorfully-illustrated and thoughtfully-written, this inspiring storybook has 33 pages of striking, specifically-sequenced pictures with an accompanying story narrative. This stimulating medieval tale is based upon the full-length story told in the epic medieval fantasy novel entitled “The Wolves of Trisidian” by Adrian Robbe. “The Legend of the Five Huntsmen” emphasizes virtuous themes of giving to others and being charitable to the needy. In context, the tale of “The Legend of the Five Huntsmen” takes place ...
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